Working Through Changes

Organizational change is a given in the business world. Companies reorganize, merge, acquire or are acquired, downsize, expand, and introduce new initiatives, all of which disrupt the normal workflow. Our Leading People Through Change® program teaches your managers how to be effective at leading change efforts in your organization by understanding the different stages of concern and adjusting their leadership style to maintain productivity and morale.

70% OF ALL CHANGE INITIATIVES FAIL.* Failed or stalled change initiatives waste time and money, reduce productivity and morale, and increase employee turnover.

Having leaders who are effective at leading employees through organizational change is critical to the continued success of your company.


Successful companies are agile companies that embrace change as part of their culture to stay ahead of the competition. When your managers are trained to facilitate change, they anticipate resistance, proactively tackle concerns, and increase buy-in to ensure positive implementation and forward movement.

Increase buy-in while managing change in organizations | Ken Blanchard


Managers who can foresee, diagnose, and address the concerns of their employees have the chance to reduce resistance to the change and increase buy-in and commitment.

Leading organizational change to get faster results | Ken Blanchard


When organizational change initiatives are presented effectively and managed well, it builds momentum toward attaining key organizational goals.

Build organization development and change capacity in your organization


Successful companies that build the capacity to change into their workplace culture develop resilience with the ability to implement change on an ongoing basis.

LEADING CHANGE initiatives That Succeed

We know that change in organizations can be a huge disruptive force, and we know how to help you preserve employee morale and productivity during transition to achieve your desired results.

Our Leading People Through Change program teaches your managers how to lead effective, high-involvement change initiatives. Managers learn to identify and respond to the questions that employees typically raise, lay their concerns to rest, and thereby increase buy-in, commitment, and involvement.

The program is based on 30 years of real-world change leadership consulting experience as well as research demonstrating that people are less resistant to change when they feel their concerns are heard and they can be actively involved in the change process every step of the way.

Leading organizational change requires diagnosis, flexibility and partnership | Ken Blanchard

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Leading People Through Change will train your managers to effectively lead successful change initiatives in your company.

*Cracking the Code of Change, Harvard Business Review