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The expertise of your managers affects every aspect of your business: employee engagement, productivity, turnover, and results. Great management doesn’t usually happen on its own. Managers aren’t born knowing how to support, develop, and motivate their employees.

At The Ken Blanchard Companies, we believe everyone deserves to work with a great manager. We are a leadership training and development company with over 35 years of experience in training millions of the world’s best managers who now know how to bring out the best in their people, create great workplaces, and deliver bottom-line results.

why blanchard?

Our mission is to make great things happen for each of our clients. At every level of our organization, we go above and beyond to exceed our clients’ expectations.

  • Proven, Time-Tested Content
    With two of the world’s most widely used leadership frameworks, Situational Leadership® II and The One Minute Manager, along with thought leadership in the areas of trust, motivation, change, and customer service, our content has been proven time and again to deliver valuable ROI for your investment.
  • Simple and Powerful Models
    Backed by years of research and experience, our leadership training programs offer simple models and powerful truths that are easy to grasp, easy to remember, and easy to apply immediately.
  • A Focus on Managers
    Managers are the core of your company. Our management training can help them to be effective operational leaders while they cultivate a great workplace experience for their employees.
  • Breadth and Depth of Experience
    Our team of thought leaders and experts deliver relevant leadership development training to help companies build a workforce that is passionate and productive, and produces results.

Meet Our Talented Team

Our team is dedicated to delivering leadership development programs that go beyond clients’ expectations to help them reach their goals.

Antony Demetriou
Founding Partner
Antony is an expert in identifying and unleashing the potential of everyone he trains and coaches who pursues a place in winning teams. As an executive, he has lead organizations for 25 years in various industries and 60 countries. He is a highly experienced and enthusiastic trainer and coach for managers at all levels® enabling organizations to create their vision, and design implementation strategies to remove constraints and enable achievement.
Spiros Paolinellis
Founding Partner
Spiros brings his clients 25 years of experience from a successful career in leading roles at multinational organizations worldwide.® Leveraging his expertise, he delivers leadership development programs, taking diverse and cross-cultural executives through a unique learning journey with proven results that enable organizations to achieve their objectives. His passion for building people's capability keeps him in a lifelong learning mode. ‘’
Angela Nikolaidou
Consulting Partner
Angela comes from the banking industry, where she has been a manager for the International Markets business for over 27 years. Drawing on her knowledge and experience, she has led and developed sales teams with high engagement, extroversion and efficiency features. She is a volunteer-trainer at the Junior Achievement SEN, in secondary education. She is dedicated to the development of individuals and groups and is characterized by her dynamism, passion and method.
Athanasia Koutra
Consulting Partner-Executive Coach
Athanasia is an Executive Coach Certified by the International Coaching Federation. She has extensive experience in designing and implementing solutions for the selection, assessment and development of executives for many different businesses and organizations. She always tries to listen and observe in order to design an effective solution. She loves to influence positively and effectively the professional life of people.
Dimitris Efstathiades
Consulting Partner
In his training services, Dimitris brings years of managerial experience at major international banking organizations, especially as a portfolio manager, from where he gained knowledge of the operation and the challenges of businesses in various economic sectors. Having experienced the impact of training on the quick development of individuals and groups, and the creation of value in the modern professional environment, he is enthusiastic about the design and implementation of leadership training programs.
Hermina Gaki
Consulting Partner
Hermina works for 30 years with individuals and groups and she trains Business executives and Health professionals on communication skills in the workplace. Especially her Integrative approach with focus on Person-centered theory qualifies her to listen attentively and to respond aimly to trainee's needs in order to acknowlegde their values and to define their vision for their self-development. The principles and practices she uses of Self-Leadership and Optimal Motivation express everyone's genuine voice and contribute to their reinforcement and authenticity